This week I had the chance to visit the pretty amazing and important EucFACE experiment, "..the world's only Free Air CO2 Enrichment experiment in native forest". The experiment consists of six carbon fibre rings, three of which expose the 25m circular region with a C02 level 150ppm higher than the current 400ppm level. The other three rings act as controls.
You can read more about the experiment at the UWS web site. We were visiting on behalf of TERN, performing follow up terrestrial laser scanner acquisitions at the six rings. These were initially visited three years ago, and researchers will use the data to look at changes across the site, particularly in the upper canopy. All of the collected scans, as with all TERN data, is accessible to researchers and the public through their portals and servers. For example, if you want to check the scans and photos for the first ring, all the data is sitting on the ftp site here.

As I tweeted last week, a really nice 100% javascript viewer for this data is and if you download one of the .laz format scans you can easily visualise in 3D and fly through the site using just the chrome web browser. The image below is a browser screengrab after loading this file. Have fun, and see if you can work out the identity of the researchers standing next to the scanner ;)